Featuring Lineaism "Conflict Resolution", a reaction to 9/11


Lineaist unites the worlds of creative thinking and business strategy, revealing value for current and future creative business professionals, empowering new win/win opportunities between diverse stakeholders.


Lineaist creates business potential with passionate design and communication at the core, leveraging the skills of subject matter experts to build competitive success in all businesses within the Lineaist circle of influence.


An Unbreakable Chain of Investments

Linebrand is built by Lineaist along the path of an artist.

An artist’s work resonates with human experience.

Lineaism is Lineaist’s path.  Linebrand is Lineaism at work.

Jonathan Blackwell, MBA

Managing Partner of Linebrand

(A Business Unit of Nashwell LLC)

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The Artist behind Linebrand